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What to Serve with Pizza: Appetizers, Side Dishes, and Dessert

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Pizza might be the perfect meal. It’s a dinner everyone loves and it is an easy meal for 2 or a great dinner for a party. When having pizza you might want to have some other dishes to go alongside.

There are a few ways to add more dishes to your meal. You can add on an appetizer some sides, or a dessert. You want something that will complement the pizza well and fit with the crowd you are serving. Here is a list of a few great dishes to serve with pizza that you may have not thought of.

Appetizers to Serve with Pizza

If you are having pizza as your main meal but want a little something beforehand here are a few good ideas beyond the typical breadsticks option.

Blistered Shishito Peppers

For a fun appetizer that isn’t another bread, try some type of veggie like these blistered shishito peppers. They are super simple to make and come together really quickly.

Plate of air fryer shishito peppers.

Pea and Mint Spread with Marinated Feta

For something a little more bright and light, this dip has a freshness to it that will get you ready for that cheesy pizza coming your way. Plus, this is just such a beautiful dish to serve and it is always a crowd-pleaser. This is a great appetizer for almost any occasion.

Green pea and mint spread topped with chunks of feta.

Best Side Dishes for Pizza

Now it's time to enjoy your pizza but you want something to pair with it. My perfect pizza side dish is always some type of salad or veggie to combat the richness of the pizza. Here are a few of my favorite options.

Arugula Burrata and Fig Salad

If you want something special, make this burrata and fig salad. It is bright, creamy, and sweet. It's a step up from your traditional salad and it pairs well with almost any pizza.

An arugula salad on a platter topped with figs and burrata.

Watermelon Basil Salad with Feta

For something a little different go for a fruit salad. This one has some savory elements like the feta and balsamic dressing that make it perfect to have with dinner. I love this one in the summer when you can get fresh watermelon and basil.

Watermelon salad in a large glass bowl.

Simple Side Salad with Italian Vinaigrette

For a classic simple salad that pairs perfectly with pizza, try this Italian side salad. The dressing comes together quickly and it uses simple salad ingredients you might already have on hand.

A bowl of salad next to an Italian vinaigrette.

Simple Kale Salad

If you want a simple salad but something a little different, try this kale salad. It is topped with olive oil, vinegar, garlic, and pecorino cheese.

What Dessert Goes Well With Pizza

Honestly, any dessert can be paired with pizza, but some of my favorites are something fruit-based, ice cream, or cookies. I feel like desserts like cake can be a little too heavy after a pizza party. Here are a few of my top desserts to serve with pizza.

Fresh Peach and Cherry Cobbler

After loading your stomach with that cheesy bread you might want something a little brighter for dessert. This peach and cherry cobbler is a perfect dessert for that. It has sweet and tart flavors that you can serve by itself or with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Plus it’s a really easy recipe to put together!

A close up of a chocolate cherry cookie.

Chocolate and Cherry Cookies

For something a little more decadent, go for these chocolate cherry cookies. You can easily make them ahead of time and enjoy them any time after your delicious pizza meal.

A close up of a chocolate cherry cookie.

Easy Strawberry Shortcake

A fun light dessert that is always a fan favorite is strawberry shortcake. This is an easy recipe to throw together and the sweet strawberries are such a treat after all that delicious pizza.

A strawberry shortcake with whipped cream on top.

What to Serve With Pizza at a Party

If you are having a pizza party you might want to have a few different options alongside your pizza. A few things to think about for your next pizza party is how will it be served. Is this a finger food situation where people are grabbing their own food or is it a sit-down dinner party?

If your party is more buffet style I would suggest serving some finger foods to make it easier. A great way to do this is by having fresh veggies and dips for your guests to grab. This is a nice complement to the pizza. Also, some breadsticks and marinara sauce for those who might not want a whole slice of pizza is a great option.

If you are doing more of a sit-down dinner you could do a large salad or vegetable dish to go alongside the pizza. You can try one of the salad recipes listed above or even a classic caprese salad or Caesar salad.

A fun idea for a pizza party is to create an Italian bruschetta bar where your guests can build their own appetizers.

Pizza Recipes That Go Well Together

If you are looking to serve multiple pizzas together there are a few options that pair well together. I love having a few tomato-based pizzas like a classic margarita. Depending on your guests you can have a couple of meat or meat-free options. I love this Mediterranean pizza with feta for a tomato-based veggie option.

Along with the tomato-based sauces try a white pizza to pair with it. A few of my favorites are this lemon ricotta pizza and this mushroom and goat cheese pizza.


I hope you enjoy some of these recipe pairings at your next pizza night. Let me know what some of the best sides are at your pizza nights.

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