When to Pick Blueberries in Michigan + The Best U-Pick Farms

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Blueberry season in Michigan is my favorite time of year. I typically go to a u-pick farm once or twice every summer. Depending on where you are in Michigan, here are the best times to go blueberry picking, and some of my favorite spots.

When to Pick Blueberries in Michigan?

The best time to pick blueberries is the last 2 weeks of July through the first week of August. It depends on how hot the summer is and where is Michigan it is located. You can always call the farm and ask when you should come. They will let you know if the harvest is coming early or late this year. Late July to Early August is the general growing season but it can vary year to year.

Blueberry Season in Michigan: July 15 - August 5

Where to Pick Blueberries in Michigan?

There are so many blueberry picking farms in Michigan, you really have so many to choose from. There are acres of blueberry farms throughout different areas of Michigan. Some things to think about when choosing u-pick farms is what else is available. If you are going with kids it’s nice when they have other activities or a farm market. If you want more of a quiet, relaxing experience, go somewhere that is more off the beaten path.

There are many farms in Michigan that have different fresh fruit throughout the year. These ones are the best blueberry farms I could find.

Most of the blueberry farms I have listed are certified organic farms or they have sustainable practices. I have a “*” next to the ones that do.

U-Pick Blueberry Farms - Near Grand Rapids

I personally live in West Michigan so I have been to all of these blueberry farms and these are my favorites!

  • Organic Blueberries*: This one is a little harder to find. It is tucked away and not as popular as the other 2, but it is my favorite spot to go. It is a little quieter and there are so many blueberries to choose from. You won’t find a big shop or food, but the blueberry selection is hard to beat. They do have some pre-picked blueberries for purchase as well.
  • Pleasant Hill Farms*: This is a blueberry farm in Fennville. It is a fully certified organic u-pick farm and they have a small shop as well. I love to go the this one and then stop over at Cranes or Virtue Cider afterwards for lunch or a snack.
  • Bowerman Blueberry Farms: This is one of the more popular farms in the area. They have u-pick blueberries, a shop, ice cream, playground, farm produce, and fresh blueberry doughnuts. This is a great option for a day activity with family.
A person picking blueberries on a blueberry farm.
A photo from Organic Blueberries

U-Pick Blueberry Farms - Near Detroit

  • Blueville Acres Farm*: This farm is a no-spray farm meaning they don’t use any chemicals on their berries. They are slightly south west of Detroit in Belleville, MI. It is between Detroit and Ann Arbor.
  • Erie Orchards & Cider Mill: This is a blueberry and apple farm. This is the perfect place for kids. There is a petting zoo and play area. This blueberry farm has more activities than some others.

U-Pick Blueberry Farms - Near Traverse City

Whether you live near Traverse City or you are there on vacation, taking a day to go pick blueberries is such a fun activity. These are 2 of the best u-pick blueberry farms near TC.

U-Pick Farms - Southwest Michigan

Southwest Michigan has some of the best places for blueberry picking. The national blueberry festival is even in South Haven. Southwest Michigan is the perfect day trip from Grand Rapids or Chicago.

  • Earth First Farms*: This is a certified organic blueberry farm. They have an apple orchard and fruit and vegetable farm. They have 25 acres of blueberries.
  • Adams Organic Blueberry Farm*: This farm has both USDA Certified and conventional blueberries to pick. They also have their own maple syrup you can buy at the farm! Adams Farm is located in Hartford, MI.
Blueberries on a bush.

What to Bring When Blueberry Picking

Before you go picking, you may need to remember to pack a few things.

  • Containers: Check on the farms website to see if they provide boxes to take your berries home in. Most of them do, but they might charge for it. You can also bring your own containers to store your berries in after picking.
  • Water: Most of them have a small farm stand, but if not, it’s nice to have your own water in case you get hot.
  • Sunscreen or Hat: Blueberry farms are fairly open to the sun. It can get hot pretty quickly, especially if going in the afternoon. Having some sunscreen or a hat is a good idea.
  • Bug Spray: Depending on the day, the bugs can be out while you are in the fields. Bring some bug spray just in case to make the experience better.

Important Note Before Going

Most of these are family farms and they can change their hours or offerings often. Here are a few things to check before going:

  • Hours of operation: Most of them are open during daylight hours but some close early. They also aren't always open on Sundays, so if you are looking for a weekend trip, double check the days.
  • Weather: If can get pretty hot in the blueberry field if going in the afternoon. Check the weather and if it's going to be hot, try to make it out as early as you can.
  • Payment: Most farms now take credit cards and cash, but double check or just make sure to have both.
  • Pet Friendly: If you want to bring your dog, make sure to check beforehand. Some let dogs come and other ask you to not bring your furry friends.

How to Store Fresh Blueberries?

You can keep your berries in a container in the fridge. You want them to have slight air flow so berry boxes work great. You can also freeze them to use later to be able to have healthy blueberries all year round. To freeze them, place the berries in a single layer on a baking tray and freeze until hard and then put in a freezer bag. I have a whole post on the best ways to freeze your blueberries if you want to learn more.

Favorite Blueberry Recipes

When you pick your own blueberries you might have more than you are used to. That means you can start making some delicious blueberry recipes. Here are a few of my favorites:

Other U-Pick Fruit

There are so many u-pick fruit farms in Michigan. If you are looking to do some picking but blueberries aren't in season. Here is a list of other fruit seasons:

  • U-Pick Strawberries: Mid June - Early July
  • Raspberry Picking: Early July - Early August
  • U-Pick Cherries: Mid July - Mid August
  • Apple Picking: September and October

How to Get More Blueberries this Season

You don't have to go blueberry picking to enjoy the fresh fruit this summer. A few other ways to enjoy fresh blueberries is to pick up blueberries at the farms. Most of them also sell boxes of 5-10 lbs for a fairly inexpensive price. You can also find fresh blueberries at most farmers markets July through August.

If you are very adventurous you can even try growing your own blueberries at home.

Let me know what some of your favorite Michigan blueberry farms are.

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