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When you start trying to live with less waste it can be hard to know where to start. The best thing to do is to use up what you already own. Once you do that you can start finding new products that fit your lifestyle better.

One important thing to remember is that zero waste doesn’t mean never having any waste. It is trying to get to as close to zero as possible. We all still have things we need to buy that may come in a plastic bottles or something that is not recyclable. Trying to limit the amount of waste you create is about finding where you can improve.

There are certain items that were very easy for me to switch to and others that are harder to find. Once you are ready to start looking for zero waste swaps, here is a list of a few of my favorite ones.

Shampoo and Conditioner in a basket.

Best Zero Waste Shampoo

There are a few different ways you can go when looking for a zero waste shampoo. You can find a shampoo refill, buy your shampoo in bulk, use shampoo bars, or find shampoo in more sustainable packaging.


Humankind Shampoo & Conditioner: I use their liquid shampoo. This comes in aluminum bottles so they are easily recyclable and they have reusable pumps. They also have shampoo bar options.

HiBAR: This is my favorite shampoo bar. The shape of it makes it so much easier to use and it don’t leave a residue like some others I have tried.

Other Options

Ethique: If you have a specific type of hair, Ethique probably has a shampoo bar for you. They have a ton of different options. Besides regular shampoo bars they even have shampoo concentrates you can mix with water to make a liquid shampoo.

Plaine Products: This is a refill system. You can use the products and then send back your empty bottles for them to use again.

Amika: Their shampoo does still come in plastic, but you can buy the larger bottle and reuse their pumps. They are also a partner with TerraCycle so you can send in your bottles once they are done.

Best Zero Waste Toothpaste

My favorite zero waste toothpaste option is toothpaste tabs. They are all a little bit different but I have found that the Bite brand works the best. You can also get toothpaste in an aluminum tube. Once you are done just make sure the cut it open and clean out the tub for recycling.

Toothpaste tabs in a dish next to floss.


Bite Toothpaste Bits: I love the fresh mint flavor toothpaste bits. They are super easy to use and they suds up like regular toothpaste from the tube.

Other Options

David’s Toothpaste: This is in traditional paste form. It comes in an aluminum tube that can be recycled.

Georganics: Another toothpaste tab company. I haven’t tried these but they are fairly popular and a cheap version of the Bite tabs.

Best Zero Waste Body Wash

Body wash is one of the easier swaps you can make because you can just use a bar of soap. Bars of soap are very easy to find and fairly inexpensive.


Bar Soap for a Local Vendor: You can find bars of soap at most local markets.

Dr Bronner’s: I think Dr Bronner’s is a great company and all of their bars of soap are wrapped in a paper packaging. I use the unscented version.

Other Options

Blueland: If you still want a liquid body wash, Blueland has a powder that you mix with water and you have a soap! The powder comes in a compostable bag.

Best Zero Waste Body Lotion

Lotion has been a hard one for me to find a good replacement for. I have fairly dry skin so I use a mix of these and I do buy a regular lotion in a large container. Another idea is to look for a store near you that has refill options.


Kate Mcleod: I love my body stone from here. It comes in a bar and it melts on your skin.

Plaine Products: I mentioned them above for shampoo but they also have lotion! They have a refill program that you can mail back you empties.

Other Options

Ethnique: They have a concentrate that you can mix with water to create your own lotion. The packaging is all fully compostable or recyclable.

Buy in Bulk: If there is a lotion you love, see if you can find it in a larger size.

The Best Sustainable Toilet Paper

There are a few companies making more sustainable toilet paper. Instead of using traditional tree paper they are using bamboo. Also, everything is wrapped in paper instead of plastic.

3 Reel toilet paper rolls.


Reel: This is my favorite sustainable toilet paper. You can’t tell it’s made from bamboo, it works just as well as the other brand. All their packaging is completely plastic free. Also, they just started selling in target so you can find them easier!

Other Options

Who Gives a Crap: They also have a good quality toilet paper and have really fun packaging .

Other Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps

Plastic free beauty products sitting on a white background.

Razor: I use a safety razor with single blades from Albatross. You can even recycle these when you are done.

Toothbrush: I’ve switches to a bamboo toothbrush. If you have an electric toothbrush you can buy these bamboo brush heads to add to the toothbrush you already own.

Deodorant: There are a few options now. I like the Native deodorant, they have a plastic free version. You can also find zero waste deodorant at HiBar. Bite and Humankind have refillable deodorant options.

Hand Soap: Use bar soap or the foaming hand soap refill from Blueland.

Switching to Plastic Free Products

Moving to zero waste products can be a transition but give yourself time. Once you find the products that work best for you, you won’t miss the old ones.

Most importantly, don’t feel bad if you don’t make all of the changes. Even a little bit can help. Switching from liquid body wash to bar soap or a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one. If everyone makes these small changes it will make a larger impact.

Beauty products on a white cloth.

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