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Mallorca is a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean. Last year was the first time I went to visit, and I was pleasantly surprised with how amazing it was. The island is pretty large and there is so much to do. I spent a full week on the island and traveled to multiple areas. This post offers some of my favorite spots we stoped, some tips on how to get around, and a few hidden gems.

Best Time To Visit Mallorca

Mallorca is a holiday destination so July and August are the busiest times. If you can try to avoid these times and make your trip in May or even September and October it will be much calmer. I went in September and it wasn’t super busy but it was still very nice and hot to enjoy the beaches.

Mallorca Travel Tips

My number 1 tip is to rent a car while you are on the island. There are so many beautiful spots to go to but it is hard to get to them without a car. If you can’t get a car or you don’t want to drive in a different country, there are some tour options where you can take buses to get to different spots of the island.

Have some cash with you. Most places take card but some of the spots around the beaches were cash only. If you want to grab a drink or lunch it is always nice to have.

Expect to hike. Almost everywhere we went in Mallorca had some type of incline. Walking to dinner or the beach was always up or down a hill. Make sure to bring good walking shoes.

Make a few reservation. Depending on the time you go it can get fairly busy. I would pick a couple of restaurants you really want to go to and make a reservation. If makes it easy to have a few nights you don’t need to worry about.

How to Get to Mallorca

The best way to get to Mallorca is by plane. We took a flight from Barcelona and it was only 30 minutes. They have flights going almost every hour and they are only about $30 USD. There is also a ferry from different spots in Spain but this takes closer to 5-6 hours to get there and the cost is around $40.

Where to Stay in Mallorca

There are many different towns on the island that you can stay in. If you want to be close to a lot, I would suggest staying in Palma. If you want to be close to hiking and beaches I would suggest staying on the west side of the island. During our stay we split up out time between the west and east side of the island. We staying in Soller for the first few nights and in Montuïri the other half.

Hotels in Mallorca can get pretty expensive so finding an Airbnb is a great choice. The Airbnb we stayed in Soller was beautiful. We had an amazing view and a private pool. Getting to the property was a little tricky because it was up hill on a small road, but once you made it up it was beautiful. Our Soller Airbnb.

View of the mountains in Soller.

Right outside of Montuïri is Finca Serena Mallorca. We stayed here for a couple of nights as our splurge stay on the island. It was very quiet and the property was beautiful. We enjoyed eating at their restaurant and exploring the grounds. After a week of hiking and and traveling having a few nights of relaxing was just what we needed.

Best Places to Eat on Mallorca

There are some really good places to eat on Mallorca but also some not so great places. Since it is a tourist destination you can really find a wide range of foods. Here are some of my top places to go all around the Island.

El Camino

This is a tapas restaurant in Palma and honestly one of my favorite meals I’ve ever had. The restaurant is one long bar so you can sit and watch the food cook while you are waiting. It is often pretty full so try to get reservations if you can.

Palma city and El Camino restaruant.

NENI Mallorca

Located in Port Soller, this Israeli-oriental restaurant has beautiful views and amazing food.


Located in the northern part of Mallorca, this restaurant isn’t the easiest to get to but it’s so worth it. It’s one of the only restaurants in Mallorca with a Michelin star. It’s in a very unassuming part of town and the restaurant is fairly small. We went for a lunch and it was so unique and delicious. One of the best meals we had in Spain.

Re Organic

We stayed in Soller for a part of our trip and this was a great spot for breakfast. After eating a lot of pastries and gelato having a healthy breakfast was a nice break. They had a variety or juices, teas, and food.

Restarants in Mallorca.
Terrae on the left and Re Organic on the right

Ca's Patró March

Ca's Patró March is one of the more famous restaurants in Mallorca. I wasn’t able to get a reservation but it is on so many must see lists I thought I should add it here. It’s located right on the edge of the water is Deià. The views alone are a reason to go.

Best Places to Visit in Mallorca

Some of the small towns were my favorite spots to visit while in Mallorca. Specifically Deià, Valldemossa, and Soller. Take the time to wander the towns, grab a bite to eat and enjoy the scenery.

Outside of the towns, the best thing to visit is the beaches. There are so many beautiful beach spots along every edge of Mallorca. If you want a beach town with things to do, Port Soller is a great spot with a ton of restaurants and shopping. If you want something more secluded wander down to Cala Deià. On the east side of the island, we loved Cala Anguila. It was a small beach tucked in the rocks. There was a short path over to Cala Mendia so you could enjoy both beaches.

Cala Anguila beach.

Things to Do in Mallorca

The best thing to do is just relax and enjoy the scenery whether you are on the beach or in the mountains. If you want some more activities while you are there, here are a few fun things to do.


If you are looking for something more active to do, I suggest a hike. There are so many hikes throughout the island. Once of the most popular is the hike between Sóller - Fortnalux - Biniaraix. You get the explore the mountains and some of the towns in the area. You can find the full route here. There are also more intense hikes if you are looking for something more challenging.

Mirador de Es Colomer

As far as view points go, the one at Mirador de Es Colomer is unbeatable. It is right along the water on top of a high cliff. Getting up there is quite a trek so be ready for some switchbacks along the drive. It is a popular stop so try to go on off hours to avoid the crowds.

View of Mirador de Es Colomer.

Olive Oil Tasting

While driving around Mallorca you may notice the number of olive trees on the island. One of my favorite things we did while we were there is do an olive oil tasting at one of the olive groves. We did the Son Moragues Olive Oil Studio tour at Son Moragues. It was a couple of hours. We got to tour the property and get a tasting of the olive oil. The location was beautiful and it was a very unique experience.

Olive Oil Tasting.

Wine Tasting

We didn’t do a ton of wine tasting on our trip, but the wineries were everywhere. There are so many areas you could explore with wineries. If you don’t want to drive, there are a different winery tours that you can take for a day trip.

One winery we stopped at that I loved was Oliver Moragues. It was located on a beautiful estate in a quiet part of the island. One thing to note is if you want to visit this winery you need to have a reservation. They do set times for wine tasting and it is a small production so make sure to book ahead.

Olive Moragues bottle of ine.

Is Palma worth visiting?

Palma is the main city on Mallorca. A lot of travel guides have a lot of information about what to do in Palma. I think it is a beautiful city and worth spending a little time in but I think the true beauty of Mallorca is the nature and scenery you will find when you travel outside of town.

When I went we had just come from Barcelona so I was ready to get out of the city, but if you are looking for nightlife and shopping than I think staying in Palma might be right for you.

Which side of Mallorca is best

If you don’t have enough time to travel all around the island I would suggest spending time on the west coast of Mallorca. You will find everything from small towns to restaurants to beaches and hikes. Plus everything is a little closer together than the east side.

Valldemossa in Mallorca.

Where ever you go on Mallorca I hope you enjoy the beauty of the island. If you have any other suggestions of where to stay or what to do, please leave them in the comments!

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