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Introducing the Sigsbee Street shop! This is something I have been working on for some time and I am so excited to share it with you. I want to create a place to highlight all of my favorite products that I use throughout my posts and recipes.

What is in the shop

The main part of the shop has links to all my favorite kitchen tools and appliances. It will also include some specialty food items that I love to use throughout different recipes as well as my top cookbooks.

Outside of food I do feature some of my favorite gardening products and tools that I use in my own vegetable garden.

My favorite pieces

Everything I have decide to show in the shop are products that I love. If I had to pick a few favorites they would probably be these: 1. Caraway Cookware, 2. Kosterina Olive Oil, 3. Kitchen Aid Mixer, 4. Six Season Cookbook, 5. Cast Iron, 6. Ooni Pizza Oven, 7. Gir Spatula, 8. Hamama Microgreens, 9. Food Processor

Photos of the favorite products in the shop.

How I find pieces to add

If I find myself using something in multiple recipes, or coming back to the same ingredients, that is something I will probably add to the shop. If you see it in my photos or videos, I want to be able to share what I use in an easy way.

Full transparency

In creating this shop I want you to know that all of these products are something that I love. I have either used something myself or have done a lot or research on the product. Some of the products I use are no longer available so I may try to find a similar product to share with you.

Almost all of the products in the shop are affiliate links. This is no additional cost to you, it just helps me get a small commission for sharing the link.

Future Plans

I look forward to continuing to share my favorite products and test out new ones to share with you. As the shop grows I am hoping to start sharing some of my own products in the shop as well.

What are some of your favorite cooking tools or products that I should try next?

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