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9 Garden Tools Every Gardener Should Own

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There are so many gardening tools to choose from it's hard to pick between them. I have tried out different versions of these products and these are the ones I have found to be the best garden gloves, hoses, etc. There are a few different options listed. Depending on your space, you may be looking for different types of items. 

Here are the top 9 garden tools that every gardener should own.

Best Garden Hand Tools

Your garden hand tools are probably the items you will be using the most in your garden. This is everything from small shovels to clippers.


I have had trouble finding the best pruners. They can range in price and size quite a bit. One thing to note is that whatever pruners you get, make sure to take care of them. Don’t leave them outside or they tend to rust. Also, keep them clean throughout the growing season so they don’t spread any diseases from one area of your garden to another.

Felco Pruners

These are really nice pruners that will last a long time. They are easy to clean and you can even replace the parts if needed.

Fiskars Pruners

These are the pruners I had when I was starting out. They are great for beginner gardeners.


A trowel comes in handy when planting containers, pots, vegetables, flowers, and pretty much anything else. This is a tool you will be using over and over again in your garden. You can get a good trowel at an inexpensive price. This isn’t a tool I would splurge on. I enjoy ones with wooden handles because I like the look of them. This one also has measurements on the towel which is nice when you need to plant at a certain depth.


Snips are good for cutting smaller items such as cut flowers or pruning a vegetable plant. These are not necessary for everyone. If you have a good pair of pruners that can go a long way. I personally use snips in the garden so often that I added it to the list. I have these snips from Bloomscape.

Best Garden Hose and Attachments

Garden Hose

Preferences can vary quite a bit when it comes to hoses. A few things to consider when choosing your hose. Length and weight are the 2 big factors. Here are a list of questions to ask yourself to make sure you are choosing the correct hose for you and your space.
1. How long does it need to be? 

2. Do you have a water spout in multiple areas of the yard or just one?

3. How durable does it need to be? Are you caring it over gravel or just grass?

4. How heavy can it be?

5. Where is it going to be stored?

Here are few of my top garden hose picks and garden hose accessories.

 Fabric Hose

This is a nice hose if you need to save space or if you have a hard time moving large hoses around.

Durable Garden Hose

Water Wand

Buy this water wand! It is my favorite one I have used. There is a higher end one, but the 8 setting one has worked great for me. Water wands are much nicer than hand sprayers because you can easily water the root of the plant without having to bend over. I found this water wand at lowes.

Other Gardening Tool Must Haves

There are a few other items I would recommend for every new gardener.

Watering Can

You should always have a watering can for when you need to fertilize something or to easily get to spots in your garden your hose may not go to.

Garden Gloves

Depending on the project you are working on, you can use many different types of gloves. I highly recommend using gloves the garden. Especially when digging out a new area. You don’t always know what was planted there before and what has grown since. I have had some awful reactions after working in the garden because I wasn’t using the right gloves for the project.

Best Everyday Gardening Gloves

These are great for simple gardening jobs. They stay on your hands and are easy to work with. They are thinner than some gloves. This is nice when you need to do small jobs, but for anything that is a tougher job they may rip.

Best Garden Gloves for Tough Projects

Best Yard Tools

For the larger yard tools, I would recommend buying them at your local hardware store. Since they are so much bigger they ofter ship with a lot of packaging. I listed out examples of what to get here.

Large Shovel

This is something you will continuously use for planting larger perennials and shrubs, moving soil, and transplanting items in the garden.

Metal Rake

This isn't used as much as a your large shovel, but I find it very helpful when starting.a new garden. I use a metal rake when moving soil or leveling out an area. It is also really nice when you are pulling up weeds and need to rake them all together. The metal rake is just a little more heavy duty than your typical leaf rake.

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