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Best Gifts for Pizza Makers, Lovers, and Enthusiast

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Whether you are a pizza maker or you are looking for someone else. There are so many fun pizza maker gifts you can buy for all the pizza lovers on your list.

Making your own pizza at home is such a fun and rewarding hobby. There are so many tools and tricks you can get into the more you make it. Depending on the level of pizza making, these are a few gifts that they will love!

Gift Guide for Pizza Makers

There are so many type of gifts that pizza makers would love. Here are the top pizza tools and cookbooks that will make the perfect gift for any pizza lover on your list.

  1. Pizza Camp Cookbook: Looking for a fun book to gift your pizza lover friend? The Pizza Camp cookbook is a fun, not so seriously book all about pizza. It is perfect for ideas and recipes to try at your next pizza night.
  2. Pizza Cutter: This stainless steel pizza cutter looks good and works beautifully. Any type of useful gadget is greatly appreciated in the kitchen.I personally love the Boska Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter.
  3. Ooni Pizza Oven: For the pizza chef if your life, the Ooni pizza oven is an outdoor pizza oven that can make beautiful wood fired pizzas in minutes. The have a wide section of prices and style. You can find them on their website or on Amazon.
  4. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer: A stand mixer is not a typical thing you think of when making pizzas, but using a mixer with the dough hook makes whipping up pizza dough a breeze. Since it is something that your need to kneed for a long period of time, having a stand mixer will save you so much time and energy. Plus, it’s a great kitchen tool to have for other things as well
  5. Pizza Steel: If the person you are gifting is looking for a way to up their pizza game at home, getting a nice pizzas steel they can use in their oven is a great gift! The pizza steel gets really hot so you can get that extra crispy crust so you get the perfect pie every time. I have the NerdChef Steel and it works great! One thing to note, is that they are fairly heavy so if it is a gift you need to bring somewhere, be prepared to carry it.
  6. Hot Honey: Looking for something fun and different? Think about giving them some fun pizza toppings that they might not find it here everyday. Hot honey is a fun one that I have seen people use on pizza recently. This one if from Momofuku but there is so many others you can find as well.
  7. Pizza Peel: You can get all types of pizza peels. For at home cooking I like to use a wooden pizza peel to even something like this Bamboo Pizza Peel. It’s a great surface to make your pizzas on and you can launch them into your hot oven.
  8. Truffle Oil: Another fun topping idea is truffle oil. Drizzle this over a cheese or mushroom pizza and you won’t regret it! My favorite one is the Black Truffle Oil from Truff.
  9. The Joy of Pizza: Looking for a classic pizza books? The Joy of Pizza Cookbook might be for you. It’s from one of the best pizza makers in New York. Learn how to make the curst and all the most interesting topping combinations.

Pizza Maker Gifts Based on Skill Level

Whether your special someone is just someone who has a love of pizza or is someone looking to create the best pizza, these are the best gifts for each level of pizza making.


For your friend who loves pizza but not quite good at making their own yet these are gift ideas that will get them excited about creating their own pizzas.

Pizza cookbooks and truffle oil.


Someone who loves making pizzas and what to take it to the next level these are the best pizza gifts.

  • Pizza Peel: Once someone starts getting into cooking pizza they might invest in a pizza stone or pizza steel. Having a nice pizza peel to go along with that make the process so much easier. This is a beautiful wooden peel that is useful and in nice on display. If you are looking for a pizza stone as well, this pizza peel and stone combo is the perfect size and a great gift idea.
  • Pizza Serving Board: For someone who loves making pizzas, a great gift is something that they can serve their pizza creations on. This wooden serving board fits pizza beautifully. You could even get them pizza serving stands similar to what you would find at a restaurant. I love these brass serving stands.
  • Quality Olive Oil: Pizza makers will know, what really elevates your homemade pizza is the toppings. Having something like a quality olive oil to drizzle over your freshly cooked pizzas makes all the difference. A few of my favorite quality olive oils for finishing are Kosternia, Graza, and ROI olive oils. All of these have great flavor and the bottles pour perfectly for that nice thin drizzle that every pizza deserves.
Pizza serving boards and olive oil.


They take their pizza making skills very seriously. These pizza makers are looking for something unique and different to up their pizza game.

  • Pizza Oven: For the ultimate gift you can get an oven specifically made for pizzas. There are many to choose from but I love to Ooni Karu. It is probably the least expensive and it works with wood burning or gas. Really an of the Ooni pizza ovens are great if you are looking for a wood-fired oven or an outdoor oven. If you are looking for something they can use inside I would go for something like the Breville Pizza Oven.
  • Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer: Not just for pizza dough, a stand mixer is a great tool to have in any home cooks kitchen. I love to use mine with the dough hook to quickly mix up the perfect pizza dough.
  • Cheese-Making Kit: If you know someone that loves making homemade pizzas that chance is they would love making anything homemade. This cheese making kit is a fun way for them to make something new and be able to use it on their homemade pizzas.
Pizza oven, cheese making kit, and a stand mixer.

If you are looking for a holiday gift, birthday gift, or something fun to bring to a pizza party, I hope these give you some fresh ideas.

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