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Best Cast Iron Skillet Cookbooks (+ What Cast Iron to Buy)

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A cast iron skillet is a classic kitchen item that can be used in a variety of ways. Once you get the hang of cooking in a cast iron you will want to find all new ways to use it.

These cookbooks are a great introduction to ways you can start using your cast iron in your everyday cooking. Get ideas for new recipes and learn how to be utilze your cast iron pan with these cookbooks.

Best Cast Iron Cookbook

If you are looking for a variety of delicious recipes and learn how to get the most out of this versatile skillet. Each of these cast iron cookbooks range from classic recipes to delicious food for the modern cooks. These are perfect for the owners of cast iron skillets or to give as a gift to your favorite foodie.

Cast Iron: The Ultimate Cookbook

This classic cookbook is a great collection of cast iron recipes with over 300 recipes to choose from. I love that this one even has over 20 bread recipes you can make in a cast iron. If you are looking for a cookbooks that has some traditional recipes and some new ideas this is a great option. This book also has a whole section on care of the skillet to make sure your pan stays in great condition.

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Cast Iron: the ultimate cookbook cover

The New Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook

If you are looking for some unique recipe to make in your cast iron, this book has a lot of fun delicious meals. There are over 150 recipes in this book and a lot of them are cast iron recipe you may not have tried before. It has everything from breakfast to main courses to desserts.

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The new cast iron cookbook cover.

The Staub Cookbook: Modern Recipes for Classic Cast Iron

Staub is a common name is cookware and you might even have one of their cast iron pans. This cookbook is some of their favorite recipes to make in their pans. This cookbook is filled with modern recipes that are sure to please anyone. It does have recipes for all different sized cast irons so if you have a collection or know someone that have many different sized pans this one may be for you.

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The stuab cookbook cover

Cast Iron Skillet One-Pan Meals

This book is perfect if you are looking for some everyday meals that you can make throughout the week. This cookbook has 75 recipes that can all be cooking in one pan and are family friendly meals. These are all easy one-pan recipes that will contin some of your new family favorites.

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Cast Iron One Pan Meals cookbook cover.

The Best Cast Iron Baking Book

Cast irons are great pans for baking and this cookbook really celebrates that. This book has recipes like No-Knead Bread, Skillet Berry Cobbler, Cornbread Focaccia, and decadent Dark Chocolate S'Mores Pie. There are savory and sweet recipes that you will want to become a staple in your baking. This is an amazing book if you are looking to up your baking game.

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The best cast iron baking cookbook cover.

What are the best foods to cook in a cast iron skillet?

Cooking in a cast-iron skillet is a timeless culinary tradition that brings out rich flavors and textures in various dishes. You can really cook almost anything in a cast iron skillet since it has the versatility to cook on the stove, the the over, or even over a fire.

One of the classic foods to make in a cast iron skillet is steak or any type of meat that needs searing. The skillet's ability to evenly distribute heat creates a perfect sear, locking in juices and creating a mouthwatering crust on the steak.

I really love cooking fresh vegetable in my cast iron. It gives them a delicious roasted flavor that I just can't get in my other pans.

Another delectable dish that shines in a cast iron skillet is cornbread. The skillet's heat retention and even cooking surface produce a crispy exterior and a moist, tender interior for the cornbread. The result is a golden-brown masterpiece with a delightful contrast of textures. You can also make a variety or other breads or rolls in a cast iron as well.

In addition to these classics, a cast iron skillet is fantastic for preparing dishes like frittatas and even desserts like skillet cookies. The skillet's durability and heat-retaining properties make it a must-have in any kitchen, and experimenting with various recipes only adds to the joy of cooking with this timeless piece of culinary equipment. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, the cast iron skillet opens up a world of possibilities for creating delicious and memorable meals.

Best Cast Iron Skillet to Buy

Adding some cast iron cookware to your kitchen repertoire is something you will continue to use over and over again. Cast irons can vary from fairly inexpensive to higher end cast iron skillets. One great thing about cast iron skillets is that if you take care of them they can last you a life time. No matter the size or brand you go with these are one of the best pans you can buy for your kitchen.

Lodge Cast Iron 10”

This is a classic cast-iron pan and it is the one that I personally own. It’s size is extremely versatile and you can’t beat the price. I can make almost any cast iron recipe I am looking for in this one. I’ve had if for many years now and it still works great. The classic 10.25” size will cost about $20-30 depending on where you buy them. I think this is the best pan for the price and the one that will be able to make most of the recipes you find in these cookbooks.

Staub Cast Iron 10”

These are beautifully made and beautifully aesthetic cast iron pans. You can find the staub cast irons in a variety of colors as well. These cast irons will run a little bit more expensive witht he starting cost around $99 for the 10” skillet. There are many other sizes as well if you are looking for something larger.

Mini Cast Iron Skillets

For small recipes like skillet cookies or recipes for one you might want mini cast irons to cook your meals. The 6.5” lodge cast iron is a great small size. If you are looking for a pack of cast irons that you can use to serve multiple people you can also find sets of mini cast iron pans.

Extra Large Lodge 15” Cast Iron

If you are often cooking a large amount and you don’t want to have to use multiple skillets, you may want to look into a large cast iron skillet. The sizes can really vary but if you get a 15” skillet you will have much more space than the 10”.

Cast Iron Recipes You Should Try

If you are looking for a few recipes to try in your cast iron before buying a cookbooks, here are a few of my favorites.

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